I am greedy. I am a woman who simultaneously wants it all, and wants to do none of the work it takes to get it all. Well, ok. I’m ok with doing SOME of the work it takes. But all? That’s , like, a lot to ask.

I’m a married (2 years) working mother of a 1.5 year old boy and two fur babies (dogs). I live in Portland, OR, work full time and part of my regular Sunday night routine is planning out how THIS WEEK will be the week I start working out and finally get back into pre-baby shape. And then, on Monday morning, I realize…

I’m tired. Like, really tired.

But I am greedy and I want it all. I want my husband to buy me flowers and I want to wear a size 6 and I want to walk into a newly-remodeled kitchen that smells of non-chemical cleanliness and I want to cook healthy, delicious meals and have perfect, glowy skin. I want my son to be healthy and smart and well-adjusted and successful and charming and handsome. I want my husband to surprise me with an impromptu vacation, where he has taken care of all of the details. I want us to never fight about money, or work, or who’s job/time/goals/etc are more important. I want a career that is satisfying and challenging and pays me a lot of money… without being too stressful and demanding of my off-hours and is 9-5… or maybe like 10-4? 4 days a week? Hey, why not.

I want this and so much more…

Is all of this too much to ask? I think not! Are a lot of these things superficial and stupid and not worth my time and energy? Maybe. Will I figure this out? (pause, furrow brow, purse lips) Probably not…

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