Facing Setbacks


I haven’t updated in a few weeks as we’ve had a bout of the stomach flu and then both my husband and my backs have both gone out. So things have been kinda hectic around the household. It’s been hard to stay afloat with our regular activities, much less any additional things like working out or creating healthy, delicious meals. It’s been mostly survival mode the last few weeks.

Life sometimes takes over and it’s all you can do just to hold on. & the fact is that sometimes life just bucks you off. It happens. I know it does. But I think the key for me to getting back on the horse is timing. Knowing WHEN to get back on the horse. Get back on too early- you risk burnout or injury. Get back on too late and risk apathy, or not even getting back on the horse at all.

I’m struggling with this currently. My back is still twinging every once in awhile and is especially painful at night before bed. I’m trying to figure out if getting back into my exercise routine might help me recover, or if I should just continue to rest and fully recuperate before I start back up. I have another mini bootcamp class starting Nov. 30th, so I’d like to be starting off fresh and injury-free. I guess I can play it by ear and if I feel like it’s too much, I can always stop.

I’ve been done with my 8-week bootcamp class for just over a week and I haven’t worked out since it ended (due to illness and injury). I feel slightly guilty that I haven’t been able to continue my workouts, but I do have genuine excuses. I think I need to recognize that yes, I got knocked down, but it’s time to get back up, brush myself off, and get back at it! Setbacks happen. And they will continue to happen. It’s what I do after they happen that really matters.

Today is a new day. & I choose to make it whatever I want.

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