Hit the 10 lb. mark!

Rise Up

Update: -3.3 lbs
Total loss: -11 lbs

Woohoo! Finally broke through that 10 lb. barrier I’ve been shooting for for the last couple of months! I think it was maybe a combination of things, and we will see if it was a fluke and I jump back up a little next week or not. I think it had something to do with the combination of my noglutendairysugar diet for a month, as well as being sick for a few days, that actually did the trick. Although it sucks and I would trade anything to feel better while I’m sick, the up-side is that I usually lose a few pounds because of it. Most likely it was a little bit of water weight thrown in there too. I literally sweated through my pjs 3 nights in a row- I had to get up and change into a fresh pair 1/2way through the night b/c I was dripping with sweat. I got a flu shot, as I do every year, but this year for some reason I really reacted to it. I had aches and pains, hot and cold flashes, a pounding headache, and a major reaction at the injection site. My arm felt like it was hit with a baseball bat and it was swollen and red. It almost looked like I had hives, but it wasn’t itchy. Very strange. Took me down for a few days and I was out from work/workouts/life from Wed-Sat of last week. Finally felt better on Sunday.

Being sick those few days really did give me a huge sense of gratitude for my general good health and the fact that my body, although it’s not “perfect” and where I would like it to be, works well and does a great job of letting me do the things I love, like exercising, keeping up with my almost-2-year-old, etc. This week I am feeling good and am renewed in my inspiration to reach my goals!

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