Sleepy Gorilla

I have to say my number one hurdle to reaching my goals right now is fatigue.

I am currently sipping on my triple-shot espresso, pondering the last time I had a full-night’s rest… and I can’t remember. My 18-month old has helped re-norm me into thinking that I can function normally on a few hours of sleep a night. I think I maybe get an average of 6 hours of sleep a night most nights? 6 isn’t horrible. But it’s still not great either. According to a study quoted by Arianna Huffington, “the effect of getting only six hours of sleep every night for two weeks is the same as going one or two nights with no sleep at all. “

Wow. That’s why I feel like a… a.. you know what? I’m just too tired to think of what I feel like right now. Ok- a really tired person, that’s what I feel like. And apparently I’m not alone– almost 30% of adult Americans are sleeping 6 hours a night or less on a regular basis.

What does 6 hours or less do to your brain and body? According to this NY Times article, a lot. The article references the longest sleep-restriction study of its kind, where subjects were assigned to three different groups of sleep deprivation (yuck): some slept four hours, some 6, and others 8. All for two weeks in a lab-controlled setting.

After completing the study “the six-hour sleepers were as impaired as those who, in another Dinges study, had been sleep-deprived for 24 hours straight — the cognitive equivalent of being legally drunk.”


So maybe that’s why I just had to re-read that last paragraph 4 times… because I’m legally drunk. And apparently, since this has been happening for months and months, I am used to being drunk. And when you’re drunk you don’t want to go work out, or create healthy, delicious meals, or plot your career path, or examine your finances, or do anything productive at all. When you’re legally drunk, your day most likely ends with you cramming your face full of Taco Bell and falling asleep with your clothes on and your contacts in after doing nothing productive at all… unless you count drunk-texting sloppy insults to your ex, as “productive.” Granted, I have not gotten that tired yet. I haven’t gotten Taco Bell-tired. So maybe I’m not to the “legally drunk” stage of exhaustion. Maybe I’m just a little buzzed. Where all I want to do is sit around and keep on drinking (my lattes) and shirking all of my responsibilities in favor of exploring the rabbit-hole known as Facebook

Aaaaand there goes my last sip of coffee… and with it, my motivation. But it’s 11 am and I have a full day of work/life/family ahead of me. Time for a refill. Because the gorilla’s not tired yet…

But I sure am.



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