At the Top


I just had a baby. Wait, let me finish the rest of that sentence- I just had a baby a year and a half ago.

The “I just had a baby” excuse worked for me for about 6 months after Noah was born. After that I knew I was in trouble. Actually, I knew I was in trouble a ways before that. I gained an exceptional amount of weight while pregnant (100+++ lbs) and I think the lightbulb moment was when I was about 8 months pregnant and ran into a friend and she literally didn’t recognize me. I had to tell her who I was. I thought, ‘’’Uh-oh. Seriously not good.’ I knew I’d been gaining and I’d stopped looking at the scale at the doctors because it just became too depressing and embarrassing. I felt hopeless in the moment, but knew that after baby came I would fight to lose everything I’d gained and get back to my old self in short(ish) order.

I knew getting back into shape would be hard work, but I didn’t take into consideration how much TIME I used to spend on my former, pre-mom self. Time spent at the gym, lounging on the stretch mats. Time spent at the store, perusing aisles while looking for ingredients for my next delicious, nutritious dish. Time spent researching new, fun workout classes to take, recipes to try, hikes to explore, etc. Ah, the good ole’ days.

Now, time is my greatest luxury.

When I get a whole block of time to myself, I kind-of freak out a little bit and don’t know what to do. What I should do?… I SHOULD go straight to the closet and change into my workout clothes and actually work out in them (as opposed to lounging on the couch, watching DVR’d episodes of Dateline in them). What I ACTUALLY end up doing? Cleaning, cooking, catching up on something that I’ve been putting off and/or feeling guilty about not doing. Or just some sitting or lying down- two activities that are very luxurious when you have a very active toddler. Unfortunately, sitting does very little for decreasing the size of my… me.

The only way, well, not the only way, but the CURRENT way I’m attempting to get around this hurdle to getting to my goal ‘me’ is to PLAN. Plan and COORDINATE. I need to plan my workouts ahead of time. I need to schedule them in my calendar, just like I would an appointment or a meeting with someone important. And I need to coordinate these times with my husband, or others, to help with childcare. Or I need to plan to attend baby bootcamp type classes, or attend gyms with child care.

I’m also going to be sharing my progress along the way here for accountability. I’ll be showing my failures and my successes, sharing what’s working and not working. I don’t know exactly how this path is going to work itself out, but what I do know is that this is at the very top of both my WANTS and my NEEDS lists. I want this so I can look and feel better. I need this because I need to be able to keep up with my son and to live a long, healthy life.

This one? This is happening.

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